PUNTERS ARE PEOPLE TOO!! – from The Rich Eisen Podcast




Watch it!

Remember that moment when Bryan Anger got chosen in the third round of the NFL Draft and Rich Eisen set off that catchy line “PUNTERS ARE PEOPLE TOO”? Well today, on the Rich Eisen podcast, Rich presented Bryan Anger with this very special commemorative t-shirt that’s making everyone hashtag, #PuntersArePeopleToo. There were only a handful made but we’re giving a few away to die hard Eisen fans! See the video everyone’s talking about on the podcast, here and email us, assist@thesocietygroup.biz, for more information on the t-shirts.

Check out the video of the famous punt!

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  1. I’m an 11 year old kid who just took up the position of Kicker/Punter on my Gettysburg Mid Varsity football team. Me and my dad(Who is telling me what to write, by the way) listen to your Podcast and here you every week on the Dan Patrick show. We love the laughs you and dan have together. I can’t believe he bumped you for Dan Bickley the Friday before the most important game of the year.(SuperBowl) Maybe he should have spent less time with Brooklyn Decker. Anyway I would love a Punters are people too
    T-Shirt (Youth Large) I heard you mention a Kickers are people too Shirt as well. Thanks your fan Jake 100 Skyline Court Gettysburg PA 17325 PS. could I please have an autographed picture Thanks again

  2. Looking for the punters are people too website so I can order a shirt and pre-order the kickers are people too shirt, however the site redirects to me to another site. Was the original site removed?

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  4. Can you think about hiring Ricky Watters as an anaylist for the NFL Network?
    Also think about Charles Haley, John Randle and Greg Lloyd.

    Chioke Hassan

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  6. I grew up watching, in amazement, Ray Guy. THE best Punter EVER in the NFL. Not only was he a Punter, he was a Defensive Stratagist, who dictacted where the opposition was going to field and start their possesion!! Enough said. HOF Ray Guy!

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