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Rich Eisen Podcast: Marlon Wayans, Colin Hanks, Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks

Colin Hanks and Marlon Wayans join the latest #REP in-studio (NFL/AP) Colin Hanks and Marlon Wayans join the latest #REP in-studio (NFL/AP)

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We are now in the homestretch leading up to the start of NFL Draft on Thursday May 8 in beautiful New York City and Radio City Music Hall, which we’ve noted here on the show and producer Chris Law recently found out on his site survey, hasn’t changed since it became a landmark in 1978. And as we inch closer to the big day, us here at The Rich Eisen Podcast are doing our part to help you all weed through the unnamed sourced and faceless information that’s out there. This week, that starts with the help of NFL Media Draft experts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks, who decipher the intel and discuss the top prospects with our humble host, Rich Eisen. Next, comedian and actor Marlon Wayans, whose new film “Haunted House 2” hits theaters nationwide this Friday, stops by to chat growing up in a comedic family, what it’s like being both a Steelers and Dolphins fan from New York City, and even takes a selfie with the guys. Finally, friend of the podcast Colin Hanks comes in studio to discuss his new FX drama “Fargo,” how life has been since his last appearance spawned the… Read

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