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Rich Eisen Podcast: Jack Burditt

Guests include writer and producer Jack Burditt, who serves as the executive producer of the hilarious NBC comedy 30 Rock, starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. In addition to being the EP of 30 Rock and a HUGE Cleveland Browns fan, Burditt has also written on and produced shows like Frasier, Just Shoot Me and a variety of others. It’s another entertaining, pull back the curtain type interview that hopefully allows you to… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Alec Baldwin and Mike Mayock

Guests include two time Golden Globe and Emmy award winning actor, Alec Baldwin, who phones in from the set of his hit NBC show “30 Rock.” As a Long Island native, Alec doesn’t only have a New York rooting interest in Super Bowl XLVI, he is also going to be a part of the fun. Baldwin will fulfill a role he’s quite familiar with as he plays host to the inaugural NFL Honors show Saturday, February 4th in Indianapolis.

Mike Mayock then joins Rich from Mobile, Alabama where he is covering the 2012 Senior Bowl for NFL Network and getting a glimpse at the leagues incoming crop of dynamic talent

If you happened to miss this week’s earlier podcast featuring Michael Strahan, Ray Rice, Carson Daly and Warren Sapp, be sure to check it out. he special one-hour TV version of the podcast airs Thursday at 12p.m. ET only on NFL Network. Read

Rich Eisen Podcast: Michael Strahan, Ray Rice, Carson Daly and Warren Sapp

Rich Eisen Podcast: Michael Strahan, Ray Rice, Carson Daly and Warren Sapp

Guests include Michael Strahan and Warren Sapp who discuss the crazy finishes in the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games this past Sunday, along with their thoughts on Super Bowl XLVI and the rematch between the Patriots and Strahan’s Giants.

Ray Rice then joins Rich after a devastating Ravens loss on Sunday in the final seconds of regulation in New England. Rice shares his thougths on Billy Cundiff’s botched 32-yard field goal and where the Ravens orginazation goes from here.

Capping off the podcast is the host of the smash hit television show on NBC, Carson Daly, whose show “The Voice” has its season two premiere immediately following Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Daly is big sports fan and shares some great stories about his scratch golfing days and how Tiger Woods was a frequent playing parter, his love/hate relationship with the Oakland Raiders and much more…

Its a great listen, so enjoy, and don’t forget to check back Thursday for an all new podcast featuring actor Alec Baldwin and NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock. Read

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