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Rich Eisen Podcast: Drew Brees, Willie McGinest, Jim Mora and Dennis Miller

Drew Brees, the first quarterback in the history of this great game to throw for over 3,000 yards in the first nine games of a season, is our first guest on the podcast this week. The perennial Pro Bowl pick joins us fresh off a huge divisional victory over the Buccaneers and mere days before another huge divisional game against the Falcons in Atlanta. The stakes for that game are simple: The winner will lead of the NFC South through 10 weeks. We hit Brees on every one of these subjects, including why he believes the Saints muddled through October with maddeningly inconsistency and if coach Sean Payton being on crutches rather than on the sideline has been a root cause of that.

Next up, Jim Mora and Willie McGinest come in together for a discussion on numerous NFL topics. Are the Bengals truly for real? Just how far can the 49ers take their surprising 7-1 start? And who better to ask about the Patriots’ defensive issues and if Bill Belichick can fix them on the fly than McGinest? Of course, Mora throws in his two cents … and gives us an update on his movie-loving Dad. You’ll never guess where the other Jim Mora is these days.

With a sixth season of “Thursday Night Football” on NFL Network getting underway (boy, does time fly) we welcome in the senior producer of the pregame and postgame shows, Bardia Shah-Rais. What goes on behind the scenes before a big broadcast? What changes are in store for you, the discerning viewer? Bardia clues us in as we also stroll down memory lane about the last six years of “Thursday Night Football” on NFL Network.

Lastly, Dennis Miller returns to the podcast to lend his thoughts on the results of the Ravens-Steelers slobberknocker and Tim Tebow’s, shall we say, revival. As always, Dennis delivers in the pop-culture staccato style that only he can deliver. Give a listen and enjoy. See you all in San Diego on Thursday night … and next week in the last of Tebow, as Rex Ryan puts Tim in his sights. Read


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