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Rich Eisen Podast: Michael Vartan, Jeff and Jackie Schaffer

Actor Michael Vartan joins “The Rich Eisen Podcast” to talk week 6 in the NFL and “Letters To My Dog,” a book he is featured in. (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

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Actor Michael Vartan joins Rich in studio to chat about the latest from around the league in Week 6 of the NFL. They discuss “A Letter To My Dog,” a book Vartan and his beloved canine are featured in, along with other celebrities. Rich and the crew then announce the finalists for the #PonderThis twitter contest before being phoned up by Jeff and Jackie Schaffer, the co-creators and co-executive producers of “The League” on FX.  The Schaffer’s phone in fresh off their Seahawks’ big win over the Patriots at Century Link Field on Sunday and chat with Rich and the crew about the Season 5 Cameo / Boatrace bet… Read

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