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Rich Eisen Podcast: Peter Berg

Guests include the director of one if this summer’s most anticipated blockbusters, Peter Berg, whose film “Battleship” hits theaters May 18th.

Director, actor and producer Peter Berg joins Rich in studio to discuss a variety of topics, ranging from his new action-packed flick “Battleship” to his critically acclaimed television series “Friday Night Lights” and more. “Battleship,” which has an all-star cast consisting of Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker, hits theaters next Friday domestically after a successful international premiere in Tokyo last month. It also stars Greg Gadson, a former Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who lost both of his legs in combat… click to read more


Time for some big-time fun on NFLN

I’m sitting here in the launch position to host my favorite show of the year: “NFL Total Access” live at the Super Bowl Media Center. It lasts 7 hours long. Thankfully, I will have folks like Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, … Read

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