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REP: The Final Rich Eisen Podcast

The Rich Eisen Show premieres on DirecTV's Audience Network Ch.39 and NFL NOW Monday, October 6th at 12:00pm ET The Rich Eisen Show premieres on DirecTV’s Audience Network Ch.239 and NFL NOW Monday, October 6th at 12:00pm ET

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Unbelievably, after a four-year run, this is the last-ever incarnation of “The Rich Eisen Podcast.” Frequently, in this business, shows like this don’t end at the host’s request or behest. Usually, shows named after the host come to an abrupt close when the host is shown the door by security while holding office belongings in a cardboard box.

Thankfully, the reason why I’m shuttering this podcast after four wonderful years is because it’s turning into a daily three-hour TV show airing on DirecTV’s Audience Channel No. 239 and streaming live on the latest venture brought to you by NFL Media, the NFL Now app. NFL Now is also the home to the video archive of the show, which will also be available in audio podcast form on Podcast One as well as iTunes and virtually every other place you’ve been able to download this program over its lifespan. Best of all for our listeners, NFL Now is internationally available too.

It’s truly exciting news for your humble host and my podcast compadres Chris Law and Chris Brockman, who are traveling with the show’s move to a bigger and broader platform.

I started this podcast at the outset of the 2010 season because I thought there was a space in which to connect with the NFL Network fan base and have a conversation about the NFL and the entertainment world in one sitting. And I was rewarded with four years of stupendous football chatter involving fascinating figures from the gridiron and guests from across the TV, movie and music spectrum. Best yet, it did in fact get me closer to myriad football fans worldwide. I can not thank you enough for your passionate listenership. Please follow the show with us into the new horizon. We could not have done it without you. Thanks again and, as always, enjoy this listen.


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