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Rich Eisen Podcast: Mike Mayock and Bob Saget

Mike Mayock and Bob Saget join the latest #REP (AP/NFL) Mike Mayock and Bob Saget join the latest #REP (AP/NFL)

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With just a little more than a week until the 2014 NFL Draft gets underway at Radio City Music Hall, NFL draft maven Mike Mayock dials in to chat with Rich Eisen about this year’s class.  Why is Teddy Bridgewater slipping out of the first round? Is there a chance Khalil Mack gets selected over Jadeveon Clowney? Is Johnny Manziel the answer for troubled franchises like Jacksonville or Cleveland?  Mayock and Eisen hit on all of it and more.

The show then shifts gears in a major way, welcoming in actor and comedian Bob Saget.  Saget joins the #REP crew in studio to talk about his new book “Dirty Daddy,” and shares stories from his past. Many know Bob Saget from his wholesome role on “Full House,” or as the goofy host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”  And then there is a whole other section of Saget fans who know him from directing films like “Dirty Work,” his hysterical stand-up comedy or his profane appearances in “Entourage” or the documentary “The Aristocrats.” The latter is the Bob Saget that showed up for this edition of podcast, and he couldn’t have been… Read

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