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Rich Eisen Podcast: Michael Lombardi AFC South preview and Jim Brockmire

Legend of the booth Jim Brockmire returns for “The Rich Eisen Kickoff Special” airing at 10pm ET Thursday on NFL Network (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi breaks down the AFC South division with Rich, talking Texans, Titans, Jags and Colts. Can Houston go for two division titles in a row? Will Jake Locker and CJ2K make the Titans a surprise playoff team in Nashville? How will rookie quarterback Andrew Luck handle the big stage in Indianapolis and his fellow 2012 draftee, wide receiver Justin Blackmon, down in Jacksonville? Those topics and more are all touched on in our AFC South preview.

Up next, broadcasting legend Jim Brockmire is back to run through some of the more intriguing storylines entering kickoff for the 2012 season. It’s always good to hear the legend back in the booth sharing his wealth of knowledge and compelling takes on the… Read

Rich Eisen Podcast: Part 2 – Peter King and Jim Brockmire

Rich Eisen Podcast: Part 2 – Peter King and Jim Brockmire

Guests for PART 2 include Sports Illustrated Senior Writer and analyst for NBC Sports Peter King, who shares his thoughts on Super Bowl XLVI as well as what he feels the future holds for Peyton Manning… the answer may surprise you. Up next and back by popular demand is Legend of the booth Jim Brockmire, who counts down the top ten plays of the 2011 playoffs and more… As always, thanks for downloading and we hope you enjoyed this mega, two-part post Super Bowl XLVI edition of “The Rich Eisen Podcast. Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Tony Gonzalez, Brian Williams, Michael Lombardi and Jim Brockmire

It’s a special lineup for the Wild Card Weekend edition of the podcast — a legend of the booth, a trusted American voice and the most prolific tight end in the history of the National Football League, all in one show.

First up, Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez joins us mere days before taking on the Giants for the right to move on to either Green Bay or San Francisco. Would you believe that, with all the records and stats requisite for a first-ballot selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Gonzalez does not have a single playoff win under his belt? He enters Sunday’s game 0-for-4 in career playoff appearances and, of course, we talk about whether that’s on his mind when he suits up this weekend. We also hit on whether or not the Falcons’ inconsistencies on offense are behind them, the skills of rookie Julio Jones and the unreal talent that his success seems to have spawned at the position throughout the league.

Next up, one of my favorite guests we’ve had on the podcast to date: NBC News’ Brian Williams, the most trusted newsman of this generation who also just happens to be one of the driest wits and best raconteurs of all-time. Williams took a few minutes to join us from his set at 30 Rock during the middle of a very busy day — Iowa Caucus Tuesday — to discuss his beloved Giants. Williams is a New Jersey native who grew up loving the Giants while attempting a (sadly short) run at high school gridiron glory of his own. It is a tale of woe not to be missed. Williams chimes in on the controversy-ravaged Jets and why it’s difficult for him to predict a winner on the Lions-Saints wild-card matchup on his network Saturday night. Then we sent him back to the world of Romney, Santorum et al.

Another Jersey boy — Michael Lombardi — joins the show to make heads/tails about the vacant coaching situations and why there aren’t openings in Chicago, where the GM got fired, and San Diego, where the GM didn’t. Why did the Colts finally part ways with the Polians and what’s their next step on the Peyton Manning front? What in the world can the Jets do with a disgruntled receiver, a regressing quarterback and a coach who is suddenly under fire despite having gone to the AFC Championship Game in each of his first two years? You’ll be especially keen to hear to whom Lombardi compares the current Jets. A hint: it’s not very flattering.

Lastly, a fourth visit to the studio by the legend of the booth himself, Jim Brockmire. The Hall of Fame announcer whose famous on-air meltdown led to the precipitous fall of his career has been on the comeback trail thanks much in part to this podcast, on which he has delivered the plays of the month for September, October and November. Now, Jim is back with the plays of the month for December and also with a strange looking half-goatee. There’s lots to discuss with Jim, who also laments the firing of the Polians and gives his latest unique take on his favorite topic: Tim Tebow.

It’s all in one mega Wild Card Weekend podcast to enjoy. Lots in the hopper for the divisional round podcast on tap for next week. Stay tuned. Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Charles Woodson, Adam Carolla, Jim Brockmire and Sam Farmer

Guests include Super Bowl XLV Champion Charles Woodson, podcast aficionado Adam Carolla, legend of the broadcast booth Jim Brockmire & L.A. Times sports columnist Sam Farmer. Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Adam Sandler and Jim Brockmire

Guests include actor Adam Sandler in-studio and legend of the booth Jim Brockmire is back counting down the top plays of October.

We NFL fans loved him as the liquid-loving linebacker Bobby Boucher in “The Waterboy” and the man remade “The Longest Yard” for crying out loud. He’s a big-time Jets fan and may be one of the funniest and coolest dudes walking the planet. He’s Adam Sandler and he kindly paid the podcast an in-studio visit prior to the release of his latest movie “Jack and Jill,” in which he plays both a brother and his sister. Yes, a man AND a woman.

Indeed, he’s come a long way from The Mean Machine.

In one of the more relaxed, funny and chill conversations we’ve ever had in the year-plus history of this show, Sandler talks about how far he thinks his Jets are going, his belief in Mark Sanchez and his run-in with Tom Brady, who thought Sandler was a Patriot fan because of his New England roots. Before getting to his movie, Sandler drops some news about his next still-untitled film coming out next summer: Jets coach Rex Ryan is in it. And he plays a Boston lawyer who, yes, likes the Patriots. Give a listen. And also please go see “Jack and Jill,” which premieres next Friday on November 11th.

And then we throw open the studio doors for the return of the Legend of the Booth himself – Jim Brockmire. Again, if you don’t know the story of Jim, please check on the short documentary that “Funny Or Die” put together about his stellar decades-long Hall of Fame career that came to a screeching halt with an ill-advised, cheating wife-related meltdown on the air. Last month, Jim chose my podcast as the place from which to kick-start his career comeback and the result was awe-inspiring. He nailed the narration of the Plays of the Month of September so it was a no-brainer to have him back on to deliver the Plays of the Month of October for this show and for NFL.com. Please give him all the encouragement he needs to keep on going and use the momentum to get himself back in the game.

For those of you searching for hard-core football talk, please check out the podcast earlier in the week with NBC Sports/Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and NFL Network/Fox Sports’ information man Jay Glazer. Lots of great nuggets and deep conversation in there and also, as in this podcast, some laughs. Next week, NBC’s Bob Costas will join the show with, as usual, some other surprises in store. Thanks for downloading. Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Peter King and Jay Glazer

Guests include Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King and FOX Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer.

After another spectacular week in the National Football League, Rich decided to dial up two of the best information men in the business. First up from NFL headquarters in New York is King, who gives his take on the Chargers’ late-game debacle in Kansas City on “Monday Night Football”, and how Chiefs coach Todd Haley has his team rolling and in great position at the halfway point of the season after an 0-3 start. The conversation then shifts around the league as Rich and King touch on some of the hotter topics in the NFL from recent weeks, including the quick rise and fall of Tim Tebow in Denver.

And speaking of Tebow, Jay Glazer has an interesting take on John Fox’s Mile-High quarterback dilemma, and how his hand might have been somewhat forced into playing the former Heisman Trophy winner. After Tebow’s more-than-lackluster performance Sunday against the Lions, Rich asks Glazer who he can expect to be calling the plays in the huddle when the Jets take on the Broncos on NFL Network’s “Thursday Night Football” matchup in Week 10? Glazer’s answer might surprise some of you.

It’s an information-packed podcast with two of the very best in the business, so enjoy and thanks for downloading. Be sure to check back Thursday as Rich has a star-studded podcast scheduled as “The Sandman” himself, Adam Sandler, joins Rich in-studio to talk Jets, Tom Brady, and his new comedy “Jack and Jill” that hits theatres Nov. 11. Also making his triumphant return to recap the top NFL plays for the month of October is the legend of the booth, Jim Brockmire. So tune into NFL Network at 4:30 p.m. ET on Thursday. Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Jim Brockmire, Sugar Ray Leonard and Michael Lombardi

Guests include NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi who goes around the league with the latest news. Also on the show is boxing royalty as Sugar Ray Leonard joins for a brief visit from NFL headquarters in New York. And speaking of royalty, one of the best color men in the broadcast booth stops by as Jim Brockmire joins the Rich Eisen Podcast in-studio. Brockmire’s struggles and on-air meltdown were well documented by the folks at Funny or Die, but we thought this legend could use a second chance so we asked him to countdown the top NFL plays of September. For those of you listening to the podcast via iTunes or online be sure to check out NFL.com/richeisen to watch the video in full. Its HI-larious. Enjoy, and thanks for listening. Read

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