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Rich Eisen Podcast: Colin Kaepernick, 50 Cent, Joel McHale, Ed Reed, Jim Nantz and David Spade

Watch "The Rich Eisen Super Bowl Special" Friday, February 1 at 10 pm ET on NFL Network. Watch “The Rich Eisen Super Bowl Special” Friday, February 1 at 10 pm ET on NFL Network.
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Rich Eisen Sits down the biggest names involved in Super Bowl XLVII, as well as some of the biggest stars from the entertainment industry. Tune in to watch “The Rich Eisen Super Bowl Special” 10pm ET on NFL Network Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Jim Nantz and Dennis Miller

First, Nantz joins Rich from NFL Headquarters in New York fresh off his call of the Giants’ tight victory over the Bills and got a few things off his chest, to say the least. Jim is like the anti-Gus Johnson this year, a virtual magnet for NFL blowouts up until last week’s Bills-Giants squeaker. He’s itching for some close game action, and perhaps this week’s Chargers-Jets game will provide it. Nantz previews the game he’s calling this week and handicaps the rest of the AFC field that CBS broadcasts coast-to-coast each and every week.

The podcast wraps up with the whirling dervish, Megamind of pop-culture maestro himself, Dennis Miller. It’s his third podcast appearance and, once again, this man shows off his love of the sport. I mean, he flat out loves talking ball. His take on the Coaches Gone Wild incident, the new defensive rule changes, the Cowboys’ late-game play-calling in New England, as well as his remembrances of Al Davis from his days calling Monday Night Football games, are all not to be missed. We already cannot wait to have him back on the show. Enjoy. Read

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