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Rich Eisen Podcast: Joe Namath and Joe Buck

Joe Namath joins the latest edition of "The Rich Eisen Podast," along with Joe Buck.  (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun) Joe Namath joins the latest edition of “The Rich Eisen Podast,” along with Joe Buck. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

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This week on “The Rich Eisen Podcast,Joe Namath joins Rich with his take on Rex Ryan and the New York Jets’ quarterback issues. Broadway Joe discusses troubled Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, who recently met with NCAA investigators looking into whether Manziel accepted money for signing autographs. Next, Rich welcomes FOX Sports play-by-play man Joe Buck for a look at… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Jeff Garcia and Jon Hein

(Associated Press) Jeff Garcia and Jon Hein of “The Howard Stern Show” join the latest edition of “The Rich Eisen Podcast”(Associated Press)

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Long time NFL quarterback turned tutor Jeff Garcia, joins “The Rich Eisen Podcast” to discuss working with embattled former No. 1 overall NFL draft pick JaMarcus Russell, who recently was invited to Chicago for a workout with the Bears. Garcia also worked this offseason with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in hopes of getting him ready for new Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhigweg and his west coast offense. Garcia played in Mornhigweg’s system in both Philadelphia and San Francisco, having his best year as quarterback under him in 2000.

Up next, Jon Hein, the host of “The Wrap Show” on Howard 100 on Sirius satellite radio, dials into chat about a myriad of pop culture topics, but none more pressing than “Game of Thrones” and this week’s infamous ‘Red Wedding’ episode. Hein also sheds some light the immensely popular “Howard Stern Show.”

The show wraps up with Rich and producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman cuing back up a brief discussion they had earlier in the week with Willie McGinest about Justin Beiber. The three-time Super Bowl champion lives in the same Calabasas neighborhood as the Biebs and Keyshawn Johnson, and has some inside knowledge on the neighborhood squabble… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Joe Beningo, Jeff and Jackie Schaffer

Mark Sanchez days in New York may be over after an awful Monday Night Football performance. (AP Photo/Wade Payne) Mark Sanchez days in New York may be numbered after an awful Monday Night Football performance. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)
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After a week-long hiatus Rich and the crew are back recapping all that happened in Week 15 and across the National Football League landscape while they were gone, including the down-to-the-wire playoff races that are happening in both the AFC and NFC.

Rich then dials up WFAN sports radio host Joe Beningo for the pulse on the tri-state mood following the Mark Sanchez led disaster that struck on “Monday Night Football” for the Jets.  Beningo isn’t shy with his thoughts on Sanchez or apologetic on how Jets management has handled the entire 2012 season. This is one New Yorker’s perspective you won’t want to miss.

Things then settle down a bit when Rich, Law and Brockman welcome back in podcast favorites Jeff and Jackie Schaffer for a chat about their beloved Seahawks and much more. Jeff and Jackie’s hit Fantasy Football based comedy show “The League” has its one-hour season finale airing this Thursday at 10:30 pm ET on FX and it guest stars none other than “The Purple Jesus” himself… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Brian Billick and Alec Sulkin

Benched Jets QB Mark Sanchez and injured QB Tim Tebow look on as Greg McElroy takes over the Jets offense. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun) Benched Jets QB Mark Sanchez and injured QB Tim Tebow look on as Greg McElroy takes over the Jets offense. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

The day after calling the Jets-Cardinals game in the Meadowlands, coach Brian Billick dials in (with what sounds like a Zach Morris cell phone) to chat with Rich about the benching of Mark Sanchez in New York and what it means for the franchise moving forward.  Coach Billick also hits on a variety of other topics from Week 13, including his thoughts on how Romeo Crennel and the Chiefs handled and played in the wake of the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide tragedy.  Coach and Rich finish up with a chat about the big matchup between the Bengals and Cowboys in Week 14, a game with major AFC and NFC playoff implications that the Super Bowl XXXV-winning coach will call for FOX on Sunday.

The podcast then shifts gears and welcomes back Alec Sulkin, executive producer and writer for “Family Guy.”  The big-time New England Patriots fan… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: NFL GameDay Morning Crew

The entire “NFL GameDay Morning” crew joins “The Rich Eisen Podcast” (Chris Law/NFL)

Guests include the “NFL GameDay Morning” crew, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp and Steve Mariucci.

With the NFL season just a little more than a month away, the “GameDay Morning” crew was all together shooting their TV promos for this season’s show. As training camps get underway, we decided to get the entire band together again to sit down for a brief chat on some of the more intriguing storylines leading up to the 2012 season. The guys share their thoughts on Michael Vick’s bold ‘dynasty’ Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Adam Sandler and Jim Brockmire

Guests include actor Adam Sandler in-studio and legend of the booth Jim Brockmire is back counting down the top plays of October.

We NFL fans loved him as the liquid-loving linebacker Bobby Boucher in “The Waterboy” and the man remade “The Longest Yard” for crying out loud. He’s a big-time Jets fan and may be one of the funniest and coolest dudes walking the planet. He’s Adam Sandler and he kindly paid the podcast an in-studio visit prior to the release of his latest movie “Jack and Jill,” in which he plays both a brother and his sister. Yes, a man AND a woman.

Indeed, he’s come a long way from The Mean Machine.

In one of the more relaxed, funny and chill conversations we’ve ever had in the year-plus history of this show, Sandler talks about how far he thinks his Jets are going, his belief in Mark Sanchez and his run-in with Tom Brady, who thought Sandler was a Patriot fan because of his New England roots. Before getting to his movie, Sandler drops some news about his next still-untitled film coming out next summer: Jets coach Rex Ryan is in it. And he plays a Boston lawyer who, yes, likes the Patriots. Give a listen. And also please go see “Jack and Jill,” which premieres next Friday on November 11th.

And then we throw open the studio doors for the return of the Legend of the Booth himself – Jim Brockmire. Again, if you don’t know the story of Jim, please check on the short documentary that “Funny Or Die” put together about his stellar decades-long Hall of Fame career that came to a screeching halt with an ill-advised, cheating wife-related meltdown on the air. Last month, Jim chose my podcast as the place from which to kick-start his career comeback and the result was awe-inspiring. He nailed the narration of the Plays of the Month of September so it was a no-brainer to have him back on to deliver the Plays of the Month of October for this show and for NFL.com. Please give him all the encouragement he needs to keep on going and use the momentum to get himself back in the game.

For those of you searching for hard-core football talk, please check out the podcast earlier in the week with NBC Sports/Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and NFL Network/Fox Sports’ information man Jay Glazer. Lots of great nuggets and deep conversation in there and also, as in this podcast, some laughs. Next week, NBC’s Bob Costas will join the show with, as usual, some other surprises in store. Thanks for downloading. Read


Mark Sanchez creates buzz with ‘The Sanch-ini’

We had a bunch of fun with Jets QB Mark Sanchez on Wednesday, when we put him through the NFL Media Car Wash. Read

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Rich Eisen Podcast: Warren Sapp, Tony Dungy, Mark Sanchez, Spandan Daftary and Kara Henderson

Guests include Jets QB Mark Sanchez, the QBKILLA himself Warren Sapp, Super Bowl winning head coach Tony Dungy and Kara Henderson is back for another Hot Topics segment alongside NFL Network producer extrordonaire Spandan “Spoon” Daftary. Enjoy Read

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