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Rich Eisen Podcast: Dean Blandino and Bobby Cannavale

Dean Blandino and Bobby Cannavale join "The Rich Eisen Podcast." (AP) Dean Blandino and Bobby Cannavale join “The Rich Eisen Podcast. (AP)

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NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino dials into “The Rich Eisen Podcast” for a comprehensive rules discussion and to clear the air on some of the public misconceptions surrounding the new rule changes that take effect in 2013. Blandino runs through the full gauntlet of rules with Rich, from the player celebrations, to leading with the crown-of-the-helmet and beyond.

Emmy nominated actor and big time Jets fan, Bobby Cannavale, stops by the podcast studio next. The “Boardwalk Empire” star is out in L.A. filming his an upcoming project that co-stars the great Al Pacino. In addition to talking about his maligned Jets, Cannavale shares a few stories from his two-decade-plus acting career workingr… Read

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