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Rich Eisen Podcast: Matt Hasselbeck

(Rich and the Hasselbeck brothers.)

A week of all football guests kicks off with someone long overdue for an in-studio visit as Titans quarterback and devilishly handsome New England native Matthew Hasselbeck took time out of his L.A. workout schedule to stop by the program for a chat. With a fresh hair cut (our efforts for an all-bald cast nearly complete) and donning a Celtics shmedium T-shirt, Hasselbeck shared his thoughts on everything from his decision to re-sign with the Titans last summer to how close he came to becoming a UCLA Bruin back in the day. You’ll never guess what Boston College head coach Tom Coughlin said to him at the time that made him change his mind. Later in the conversation, the youngest Hasselbeck brother, Nathaniel, joins in to share some stories from Matt’s days with the Packers and growing up in an NFL household. There’s one involving a snowy playoff week in Green Bay you won’t want to miss.

As always, stay tuned for the television program featuring Hasselbeck, Hall of Famer Warren Moon and rookie Jaguars punter Bryan Anger on Thursday at 1:30pm ET only on NFL Network.

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Rich Eisen Podcast:Robert Griffin III and Alec Sulkin

“Family Guy” and “Ted” writer Alec Sulkin on “The Rich Eisen Podcast”

Once again, we do our best to give you the best mix of the NFL and pop culture. With the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and one of the writers of the hit movie “Ted” on the same show, I daresay we’ve achieved that goal.

First up, the savior-in-waiting of the Washington Redskins, RG3 phones in to the show to give us an update on his contract status, his readiness to take the reins, his comfort in the Mike Shanahan offense, his preparation for the intense pressure on the horizon and, perhaps most importantly, how in the world did he wind up on the same “30 Rock” set as Kim Kardashian the night of the NFL draft and was he aware she was looking his way?

Lastly, Alec Sulkin joins us in studio. The long-time “Family Guy” writer, Twitter star and co-author of the bawdy hit film “Ted” also happens to be a diehard Patriots fan. I’m sure all of you who saw “Ted” would be shocked to know Sulkin is from Boston and has lived and died with the Pats his whole life. We hit on several backstories concerning “Ted” and had an overall fun conversation that fans of “Family Guy” and followers of Sulkin’s popular Twitter account — @thesulk — will truly enjoy. If you’ve not been exposed to his world and humor, you’re in for a ride.

Enjoy all! Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: LaDainian Tomlinson and Gabe Feldman

L.T. joins “The Rich Eisen Podcast”

One of the NFL’s all-time great running backs and the only sports law professor who can make sport argument and legalese a listenable venture join me on this podcast.

Mere weeks after paying an in-studio visit during his decision-making process, LaDainian Tomlinson returns to the podcast fresh off his decision to retire from his legendary stint in the NFL. Among the topics: Why did he choose to hang them up? What about his statement that that he’d prefer a ringless Hall of Fame career over a Super Bowl winning, Hall of Fame-less career, and the criticism he received for it?  What’s the next step for the man who stepped into an NFL end zone an incredible 162 times? How does he think the Sanchez/Tebow quarterback battle will unfold in his old Jets stomping grounds this year?  All revealed.

Please listen for that and also a full, in-depth analysis of what’s going on in – yet another – legal battle between the NFL and the NFL Players Association. Tulane University School of Sports Law professor Gabe Feldman sifts you through the legal briefs, arguments and postures that currently form the thorny, controversial and endless Saints “bounty” issue. If you’re curious about how this came about, what it’s all about and how it may all play out, then this is for you. I figured it was time to address this issue, no matter how fatigued all of you – myself included – may still be from last year’s CBA awfulness.

It’s a busy podcast week, folks. Stay tuned for a chat with Redskins savior-in-chief Robert Griffin III and Jaguars punter Bryan Anger (punters are people too!)

As always, enjoy the listen. Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Frank Caliendo, Chris Barba and Mooch

Guests include comedian Frank Caliendo and “Step in Rich’s Shoes” contest winner Chris Barba. First up is the hilarious comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo, who cracks up the crew with impressions ranging from Charles Barkley and Robin Williams, to Jim Rome and of course coach John Madden. We decide to have a little fun with Caliendo’s John Madden impersonation by phoning up Steve Mariucci and seeing how long we can make him think he’s talking to the real John Madden. It’s a must listen sequence.

Up next is the winner of our “Step In Rich’s Shoes” contest Chris Barba, who won our two month long challenge to get the most new subscribers to the sign up for the podcast. Barba is a big time Dallas Cowboys fan who currently attends college in Guadalajara, Mexico and wants to become a sports broadcaster.

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for listening.


Rich Eisen Podcast: Roger Goodell and Seth Meyers

Rich Eisen Podcast: Roger Goodell and Seth Meyers

It’s an all new episode of The Rich Eisen Podcast, coming to you from NFL headquarters in New York, featuring commissioner Roger Goodell and “Saturday Night Live” lead writer Seth Meyers.

Commissioner Goodell sits down with Rich to discuss some of the more important topics around the league just prior to the 2012 NFL Draft, Including his thoughts on the recent news surrounding Saints general manager Mickey Loomis and a federal investigation into alleged wire tapping. The commish also shares his thoughts on Saints’ players responsibility in the “bounty” scandal that rocked the Bayou. It’s not all serious, though, as Rich and the commisioner talk about Thursday’s draft and the dream that will be fulfilled for 26 athletes, who will be in attendance at Radio City Music Hall to hear the commissioner call their names.

Up next is big-time Steelers fan and hilarious lead writer of SNL, Seth Meyers, who took the short trek down from his 30 Rock office to sit down with Rich and chat about some of the NFL veterans who have appeared on SNL, including Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Seth and the cast are currently gearing up for Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning, who is scheduled to host the show May 5th. Even though his show is on break this week, there is no rest for the weary, as Meyers is headed on the road for a few comedy tour stops, including a Thursday night performance in Austin, Texas.

As always, enjoy, and thanks for downloading. Also, be sure to check back Wednesday when the NFL.com Mock Draft, hosted by “Commissioner” Mike Mayock, featuring Rich, Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin, Steve Mariucci, Brian Billick, Melissa Stark, Michael Lombardi, and Charles Davis is posted. It’s a raw, behind-the-scenes feel that will give you an inside listen into the thought process behind everyone’s first-round picks. Read

Rich Eisen Podcast: Aisha Tyler

Rich Eisen Podcast: Aisha Tyler

Actress, comedian and fellow podcaster Aisha Tyler swings by the NFL Network studios for the latest edition of The Rich Eisen Podcast.

The lovely and talented co-host of “The Talk” on CBS and host of the weekly “Girl on Guy” podcast, Aisha Tyler joins Rich to discuss a myriad of topics from the NFL and beyond. Tyler is hilarious and doesn’t hold back when Rich asks her which NFL players would be most appealing as guests on her aforementioned CBS daytime show, which is aimed mainly towards women.

It was a jampacked week for the podcast with Jay Mohr cracking us up on Monday, and the NFL Schedule Release podcast coming out on Tuesday, featuring Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk and Michael Irvin. If you missed either of those, be sure to download them at NFL.com/richeisen. While you’re on Rich’s blog page be sure to sign up for the “Step In Rich’s Shoes” promotion, where you can a chance to become a guest on the show.

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for downloading! Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: LaDainian Tomlinson, Rod Woodson and Jason La Canfora

Guests include five-time Pro Bowl RB, LaDainian Tomlinson, who discusses what went wrong in the Jets locker room last season. LT also shares his thoughts on some potential suitors for the recently released Peyton Manning, plus his thoughts on the bounty talk that’s overcome the NFL.

Up next, information man Jason La Canfora phones in from outside of the Redskins facility to weigh in on all of the recent developments from Peyton Manning’s release. Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Les Snead and London Fletcher

Guests include the newly hired general manager of the St. Louis Rams, Les Snead, who discusses the options the Rams face with the highly coveted number 2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The guys also discuss newly hired Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and the controversy he’s become embroiled in due to the pay-for-performance “bounty” saga that has overtaken the NFL. Read

Rich Eisen Podcast: Charles Davis previews the NFL Combine and Rich’s 40-yard dash

Rich Eisen Podcast: Charles Davis previews the NFL Combine and Rich’s 40-yard dash

Guests include NFL Network analyst Charles Davis, who breaks down the upcoming 2012 NFL Scouting Combine and previews what viewers should expect during NFL Network and NFL.com’s wall-to-wall coverage of the annual event held in Indianapolis. The conversation finishes with the pair discussing Rich’s infamous 40-yard dash and whether or not Rich expects to post a personal best when blazes down the turf at Lucas Oils Stadium.

Think you can do better than Rich? Participate in NFL Network and NFL.com’s #RunRichRun experience and tweet us video of yourselves in your finest work threads running a 40-yard dash (at work). Be sure to include the #RunRichRun in your tweet. The best runs, and the worst, will air on NFL Network as inspiration for Rich just before he takes the field.

As always thanks for downloading and stay tuned for another Rich Eisen Podcast posting Thursday featuring Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, Coach Jim Mora Sr, and the head coach of the OSCAR nominated documentary “Undefeated”, Bill Courtney, who is also joined by the films co-director Dan Lindsay. Read

Rich Eisen Podcast: PT 1 – Mario Manningham and Troy Aikman

Rich Eisen Podcast: PT 1 – Mario Manningham and Troy Aikman

Guests for PART 1 include Super Bowl XLVI champion, New York Giant wide receiver Mario Manningham, who hauled in a crucial catch on the Giants game winning drive late in the 4th quarter. Next up is another Super Bowl Champion as Troy Aikman, who hoisted the Lombardi trophy three times during his run as the signal caller of the Cowboys. Aikman shares his thoughts on the big game and what it meant for the legacies of both Eli Manning and Tom Brady. Rich and podcast producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman, along with soundman extraordinaire Mike Del Tufo share stories along the way of their experiences during the greatest week in all of sports. Be sure to download PART 2 of this mega-Super Bowl edition of “The Rich Eisen Podcast” featuring Peter King and legend of the booth Jim Brockmire, who is back to count down the top 10 plays of the 2011 playoffs. Read

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