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Rich Eisen Podcast: Jon Hein and Week 4 preview

Jon Hein joins The #REP to discuss Breaking Bad, The Emmy's and more (AMC) Jon Hein joins The #REP to discuss Breaking Bad, The Emmy’s and more (AMC)[/caption]

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With the 2013 Emmy’s going down this past Sunday night, who better to call up then television guru, Jon Hein. The host of “The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show” recaps the awards with Rich Eisen and the podcast crew. Hein also gives his expert analysis of producer Chris Law’s cameo appearance on “The League.”

Spoiler alert: Following the Emmy discussion, the guys usher Chris Brockman out of the room before diving into a comprehensive breakdown of the penultimate episode of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” Eisen, Hein and Law give their theories on how the series will conclude when the final episode airs this Sunday night.

If you missed our podcast from earlier in the week, featuring Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, Bengals rookie running back Giovani BernardRead

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