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Rich Eisen Podcast: NFL Week 3 Preview

Eli Manning talks with a dejected Cam Newton following the Giants 36-7 victory over the Panthers on Thursday Night Football on NFL Network. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

Rich Eisen phones in to his own podcast to chat with producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman about the Giants’ absolute beat down of the Panthers on NFL Network’s “Thursday Night Football” and preview the full slate of games scheduled for Week 3 of the NFL Season. The guys also discuss Rich accepting actor Joel Mchale’s on-air challenge for “TNF.” The gauntlet was laid down, via Twitter, for Rich to work the word ‘chance’ into the postgame show in honor of Mchale’s co-star, actress Gillian Jacobs, and her upcoming appearance on the podcast next week. Check out the video… Read

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