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Rich Eisen Podcast: Chris Law’s dog flight and ‘The Worm’

This picture is worth 1000 words, literally (Chris Law) This picture is worth 1000 words, literally (Chris Law)

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52 weeks a year The Rich Eisen Podcast discusses the ins and outs of the greatest game in the world with some of the biggest names from the gridiron, the silver-screen and beyond. This week the #REP strays a bit from its pigskin coverage to bring a first-hand account of a story that gripped the nation, nay the world last week. Podcast producer Chris Law was aboard US Airways flight 598 last week when man’s (alleged) “best-friend’ caused the aircraft to emergency land mid-flight.  His live-tweeting of the event made international, yes international headlines. So what exactly happened 30,000 feet up? Law recalls the full, unfiltered account of the near thirteen hour flight to both Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman to kick off this week’s show.

Up next, Fox Soccer VP of Programming Jason “The Worm” Wormser returns to the show after a long hiatus. The former NFL Network senior producers discusses with the crew some of the offseason NFL storylines and then previews the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup, which begins next week in Brazil.

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